“Prometheus" by Theodoor Rombouts

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“Prometheus" by Theodoor Rombouts

“Prometheus" by Theodoor Rombouts
This stunning porcelain has been infused with the image of the beautiful "Prometheus" by Theodoor Rombouts, then kiln fired at 1500 Fahrenheit to permanently fuse the image to the porcelain. This ensures that there will be no wear, fading or flaking, even after prolonged use. 

The image is food- and dishwasher safe, we do recommend hand washing if your plate or cup contains any gold. Dishes with gold details cannot go in the microwave, they will spark. 


Dinner plate, 10.5”

Salad plate, 7.5”

Cup and saucer set, 8 oz


The image technology we use is the same that is employed when creating outside tile murals or even tiles that go on the bottom of swimming pools. This means that, in contrast to heat sublimation or transfers,  your image will never wear off, scratch, or fade, even with everyday use. The finish is a beautiful high gloss.

All ink used is completely food-safe, it does not contain lead or other harmful chemicals.

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